Stepok Light Developer + Portable (x86x64) [CrackingPatching]

Light Developer is a software application built specifically for helping
digital camera owners to optimize photos by correcting exposure, noise
or distortion problems, inaccurate or dull colors, spots and blemishes,
red eye, and shapes.

It sports a clean GUI that offers quick access to the files and folders
stored in your computer. This way, you can easily select the items to

Light Developer offers support for batch processing, which means you
can add multiple images to the list and edit them at the same time.

The program gives users the possibility to rotate, flip, or crop the
photos, change the image size, correct the barrel distortion problem,
work with multiple layers, and view a history with the recent actions.

Other important features enable users to apply automatic gamma and
contrast corrections, adjust the levels for brightness and contrast,
change the colors of the photos to black and white, as well as apply
various filters for changing the color temperature, saturation, grain,
and sharpness levels.

Light Developer also lets you improve photo quality by applying noise
reduction, starlight, gradient, or diffuse filters, cut objects from the
background, and embed text messages.

Additionally, you are allowed to rename the images, edit tags, sort the
items by name, EXIF data, or last modified date, as well as change the
general information in terms or artist, copyright, color space,
aperture, shutter and ISO speed, focal length, and others.

When it comes to exporting options, you can save the generated items to
JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, or PCX. If you opt for saving the items to
JPG, then you can set the quality of the photos, change their size, and
specify the compression rate. Plus, you can print the photos.

All things considered, Light Developer is a reliable application that
bundles useful features for helping you correct or enhance images in a
professional way.

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