ESET Endpoint Security Antivirus 6.1.2227.3 Activated

ESET Endpoint Security 6 – is a comprehensive security solution, which is the result of long efforts aimed at achieving the optimum combination of maximum protection with minimum impact on PC performance. Modern technologies, based on artificial intelligence are capable of proactively counter the virus infection, spyware, trojans, adware, worms, rootkits and other attacks from the Internet without affecting the performance of your computer and work breaks.
ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 – is an application for proactive protection of client computers from all types of malicious software. Blocks virus job applications and eliminates the possibility of leakage of personal information.

Features :

ESET Endpoint Security :

High level of data security 

identification of all types of complex threats, including rootkits, bootkit

prompt counter cyber attacks

check the reputation of the application to run

Scan web content

the prevention of infection and epidemics workstation on the corporate network

Protection against unknown threats 

detection of threats based on cloud service ESET Live Grid

detection of previously unknown threats on the basis of heuristic analysis technology ThreatSense®

behavioral analysis of potentially dangerous software

Intelligent memory scan to detect exploits

blocking exploits in web browsers and office programs

blocking malicious links on the Internet

Device Control and Removable Media 

automatically scan the contents of removable media connected

setting rules of working with external devices for each user

user access control by device type and the specified attributes

removable identification and peripherals

restriction connect USB-printer, LPT / COM ports, modems, CARD reader, and Bluetooth devices on the network

Access rights to the Internet 

the ability to customize the corporate security policy

limiting users’ access to web sites by category, reference groups, single links

“Soft” blocking: the issuance of customizable alerts

network access control through the “black” and “white” lists

Protection against external intrusion and traffic filtering

adjustable outside intrusion detection system HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System)

filtering of all incoming and outgoing traffic

advanced behavioral analysis

protection against involvement in botnet networks

Low-level scanning


Checking the corporate e-mail 

filtering of mail and attachments for malicious code

blocking unwanted messages and advertising.

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