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Estelar PDF Unlock Tool +



PDF documents are used nowadays by a lot of people. That’s because they are smaller in size than regular document files, they can be opened using a simple application, and best of all, they can be locked or protected using a password. Still, there are times when one would like to remove the protection of a PDF file, so he can share the file freely on the Internet with other users. In this case, one would have to install a PDF viewer, which takes a lot of time. Then, he would have to launch it and find the appropriate option for removing the PDF protection. This can be avoided by installing Estelar PDF Unlock Tool, a simple Windows application which does exactly what its name suggests, removes the protection from any PDF file, assuming that the user knows the password for the PDF document.

The program is very simple to install and can run on most average systems. The same can be said about the interface of Estelar PDF Unlock Tool, which is graphical. The user has three buttons available in the interface, one for importing the desired protected PDF file, one for setting the saving location of the unprotected PDF and one for running the process of removing the password.

After completing these steps, the user will have a completely unprotected PDF file which can be opened using any PDF viewer, without having any restrictions.

Features :

Removes PDF Owner Password and Unlock a PDF Instantly
• Estelar PDF Unlock Tool unlock a PDF file in just few seconds and allows users to copy, print and edit the data of secured PDF file easily. In addition, a user will also be allowed to extract text and images from PDF Documents.

Easy to Use Tool
• Estelar PDF Unlock Tool is an easy to use tool that comes with user friendly interface and easy to follow screen instructions means even an entry level computer user can use it to unlock a PDF.

Supports 256-bit AES Encryption & Maintains Data Integrity
• Software Unlocks PDF file from 40-bit RC4 encryption to latest 256-bit AES encryption. It doesn’t hamper the data integrity and file formatting of the orignal PDF file in any way during the process of removing restrictions from a PDF file.

A Standalone Utility
• Estelar PDF Unlock Tool is an independent utility means you don’t need need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on the system to unlock a PDF file.

What’s New :

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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