Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus [PC Software]

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus [PC Software] enables you to work together even better by giving you more control over compliance, new tools for analyzing and sharing data, and more possibilities for communication. Plus, Access, Lync and InfoPath are included in the suite.
New capabilities for email and compliance
1-With Team Mailbox, users can add mail and documents to a public folder managed by IT via Exchange and SharePoint.
2-Data Loss Prevention informs users and blocks email messages if they contain information marked sensitive by IT.
3-Now you can encrypt email messages when sending then to recipients inside and outside of your organization.
4-IT can enable or disable recording of Lync meetings via group policy, and archive recorded meetings, including IM conversations, to SharePoint.
New possibilities for working with data
1-Explore different cuts and views of your data with a click, and discover new insights hidden in your data. With one click, conduct a cross-tab analysis of large datasets and get a 360° view of what your data can show you.
2-Trying to predict future trends? A good place to start is to look at the historical time series data. Now you can pull up a chart showing the trend based on the historical data.
3-To help prevent fraud, the new Excel add-in scans spreadsheets and performs diagnostics for errors, hidden information, and broken links, and it compares workbooks looking for inconsistencies. You even have an audit trail of the changes in the spreadsheet.
4-You can to extract the PowerPivot model to Analysis Services with the new PowerPivot add-in.
New opportunities for communicating
1-Users can put a Lync call on hold and answer or continue a conversation on another Lync call.
2-Enjoy high quality voice and video experience over virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with Lync.
3-With Lync, you can trace malicious calls.
4-Reach potential customers faster with support for a call center scenario, in which a group of phones rings when a single number is dialed.
5-Now there’s support for a small branch office as an extension to the main branch of your public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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