Alien Skin Exposure X Revision 32351 [XTREME]

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Alien Skin Exposure: it offers film exposure to digital photos, but also imitate grainy film, and you can control the distribution of film grain. Additional features include cold and warm tone adjustment, red film negative effect, soft mirror effect, sharpening, contrast, black and white effects, which left red fade effect is very popular in the recent low in saturated tone class the most common one. Photoshop plug – Exposure 2 photo film look and feel combined with digital photos, won many awards Photoshop plug, Exposure new variable, while the function was further strengthened. More than 300 special effects presets, plus dynamic distance, color, sharpness, contrast, and other particles adjustment functions, with Portra, Velvia, Kodachrome, Polaroid, TRI-X film and other data to be reproduced Agfa, Scala, GAF 500, Kodak EES and other film effect is not difficult.

Alien Skin Exposure X is the creative photo editor that handles every step of your workflow. From card transfer to organization to editing, Exposure simplifies routine tasks and delivers a rich set of tools for developing beautiful photos.

Exposure’s carefully researched library of styles gives your photos a human touch. Each look encompasses many subtle changes that work together to evoke emotion. Explore these visual ideas for inspiration and then quickly refine them to develop your own style.

Exposure streamlines photo management by eliminating burdensome chores. You don’t need to import photos into Exposure, so browsing is fast and easy. There are no user interface modules, which lets you edit and organize photos at the same time.

Exposure’s flexible features handle any photography workflow. Use it as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, or as a complete photo editor on its own. As a standalone app, Exposure X helps you quickly edit RAW photos non-destructively.


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