C Locker Pro (Widget Locker) v7.8.1.6

C Locker Pro (Widget Locker) v7.8.1.6 Added Option to group & ungroup notifications
Fixed: [block other apps] not working on ANDROID 5.1.1 and 6.0 [PACKAGE USAGE STATS] permission is needed
Fixed: bluetooth profile bug

-:App Review:-

Customize the Widgets you like, Launch the Actions you need…quickly!

Pro Features:-

1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:

All app Widgets or 8 types of default widgets
Notifications from facebook, gooble+, whatsapp..basically all supported..
RSS Feeds (CNN, BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery info..
Calendar Events List Reminder..
2.Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
—Adding Multiple app Widgets for 3 Profiles: default, music, location
—Volume Rocker Control, long press to play/skip (next/prev) music.
—Locker screen sliding gesture actions with 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right) X 2 fingers
—Double/Triple Tap to turn off screen and other shortcut actions
—More than 30 custom shortcuts your can set to launch apps, direct call, direct sms
—RSS update interval and other settings
—Security PIN for shortcuts and unlock

Download Links:

C Locker Pro (Widget Locker) v7.8.1.6

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