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Glass Notepad is an eye-appealing replacement for the old-fashioned Notepad that also comprises a bunch of feature updates.

Although it’s supposed to impress you with a mix of great looks and innovative tools, the refreshed interface of the app is the one that’s playing the key role.

The app uses the transparency effect we all enjoy these days, but the problem is that you aren’t allowed to adjust transparency, so in some cases it’s almost impossible to read the displayed text.

Because the font color is white, placing the main window of the app over a white background makes it very difficult to notice the text, so further improvements in this regard could only come in handy.

While the visual enhancements aren’t exactly breathtaking, it’s no doubt that some feature updates are very helpful. And the best example is the live word count.

That’s right, Glass Notepad comes with live word count, just like the much more popular Microsoft Office, while some other stats are also displayed, including letter count, column, line and mouse position.

It’s no surprise that Glass Notepad is so resource-friendly and it runs flawlessly on all Windows flavors on the market, obviously without the need for administrator privileges.

Last but not least, the app is fully portable, which means that a removable drive is all you need to use the program on the go without prior installation.

So the conclusion is rather positive: Glass Notepad is a great replacement of the old-fashioned Notepad, but a few improvements and new customization options could only make the app more attractive for all users.

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