Handbrake 10bit CLI [Latest] Full Version

Handbrake 10bit CLI
It supports both Handbrake 10bit x264, and 10-bit x265. It also ONLY supports those x264/x265 variants, so if you’re using the standard 8-bit CLI, you’ll still want to keep it around.
It’s critical that when using it, you specify the encoder-profile. For example:
HandBrakeCLI-10bit.exe -i inputVideo.mp4 -o newVideo.mp4 -e x264_10bit –encoder-
profile high10
HandBrakeCLI-10bit.exe -i inputVideo.mp4 -o newVideo.mp4 -e x265_10bit –encoder-
profile main10
The important bits are:
-e x264-10bit –encoder-profile high10 (for x264 10-bit)
-e x265-10bit –encoder-profile main10 (for x265 10-bit)
…if you don’t include the encoder profile, it will *fail*.
As to the rest, if you’re new to using the CLI, you’re best to browse through the guide at:
Alternately you can type “Handbrake 10bit.exe –help” to see the options, but it’ll completely fill your screen. You can save all that text to a file instead to read with Notepad later with “Handbrake 10bit.exe –help > hb-help.txt”

Download Handbrake 10bit CLI

Handbrake 10bit CLI.zip

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