MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.19 Mac-R2R

MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.19 Mac-R2R
Turn your computer into a professional studio!
MeldaProduction MTotalBundle is the ultimate collection of effects, and it currently contains 82 of them. MTotalBundle will convert your computer into a top-class professional sound studio.
MTotalBundle contains all of our effects covering all required tasks: composing, mixing and mastering. With our included free for life updates, any new effect we release moving forward will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system…
The bundle contains traditional plugins as well as our revolutionary technologies, which give you the power to make your recordings sound incredible even if you haven’t spent last 50 years as an audio engineer. High speed, simplicity, crystal clear sound and minimal noise level is standard in MeldaProduction.
9.19 changes
Note: 9.19 broke backward compatibility by slightly changing the sound of formant processor.
Note: MXXX automation parameters have changed order. It won’t make any difference if you only automated the multiparameters, but could cause problems if you automated modulators.
Added new MUnison effect (including MXXX).
Huge memory (and parly CPU) optimizations.
Added param lock feature to plugins that didn’t have it already.
If multiparameter informations doesn’t contain any simplified HTML tags, newlines get converted correctly.
MWaveFolder & MMultiBandWaveFolder scope can now be collapsed to simplify the display and save CPU.
Ultra-slow / Normal has been replaced by multiple Speed modes in MAutoVolume.
Added Shift parameter to MIDI note settings, which lets you transpose the MIDI notes.
Added Single shot reset switch to Modulator / MIDI reset.
Added RatioSplitter FX to MXXX.
MMultiBandHarmonizer (including MXXX) piano now stretches with the plugin.
Added Keep below pitch and Kill below pitch switches to MMultiBandHarmonizer and MTransformer (including MXXX), which can highly increase audio quality for pitch shifting monophonic signals.
Improved formant shifter in MXXX, MMultiBandHarmonizer, MMorph, MTransformer, MAutoPitch.
Added all ADSR parameters to automation/modulation in MXXX.
Improved shortening parameter names for ProTools external consoles.
Modular designer in MXXX can now be collapsed to free space.
Feedback FX in MXXX now has an input, so it can be used inplace.
Added Set frequency to sync feature to all modulators.
Crossover colors in MStereoProcessor are now the same as in other multiband plugins.
Added MIDI reset to MOscillator (including MXXX).
Modular FX settings now contains the name of the associated plugin in the title in MXXX.
MDynamics & MMultiBandDynamics (including MXXX) sidechain EQ button now indicates it is enabled.
Various GUI improvements.
Changing parameter range in multiparameters will now take effect immediately, before one had to touch the multiparameter.
Added Buttons editor mode to multiparameters.
Active preset selector now always uses mixed case letters.
Fix: Loading expression in MUtility using presets didn’t update the text in the editor.
Fix: MTuner was reporting slightly inaccurate results.
Fix: Automation in ProTools might not work in certain scenarios.
Fix: A few parameters could cause minor problems when accessed via multiparameters.
Fix: Eq band Q was showing way too many numbers in multiparameters.
Fix: ProTools causes redrawing problems on OSX, so the GPU acceleration is now always in “Compatibility mode” or disabled for this host.
Fix: ADSR editor time units were rounding too much for high lengths.

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MeldaProduction MAudioPlugins v9.19

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