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Texpad 1.7.25 – Mac OS X
Texpad is a Texpad 1.7.25 editor designed for straightforward navigation of projects of any size. When Texpad opens a document it scans through it, looking for Texpad 1.7.25 structure commands and any included files, then it presents you with an outline view with which you can swiftly navigate the entire project. Texpad replaces Texpad 1.7.25 obscure console output with a table of typesetting errors. Clicking on these errors will direct you to the offending line in the Texpad 1.7.25 source.
Write projects of all sizes
Simply open your root .tex file and let Texpad load your full project, including sub-files, bibliographies and stylesheets therein.
Open your recent documents straight from the Texpad Organiser window or create new ones from standard and custom templates.
Integrated PDF viewer
Quickly switch to PDF after typesetting lends to a smooth workflow, where the editor and the output work in tandem.
Use the magic of auto-complete to write faster and with fewer LaTeX errors. Texpad autocompletes all common TeX commands and autofills ef and \cite commands with the labels and cite keys defined elsewhere in your document. Texpad’s autocomplete window also acts a quick reference on LaTeX commands, as well as showing you context information on all labels and citation keys.
Document Outline
Outline view makes Texpad perfect for large documents. When you open a LaTeX file in Texpad, it will scan through to find all included LaTeX and BibTeX files. These are presented in a customisable outline view to make it as easy as possible to navigate your document.
The outline also lists any TODOs you’ve entered in the code as reminders, providing quick and easy access to them.
LaTeX/PDF synchronisation
Never lose track of where you are in a large project by synchronising between the document outline, the editor and the PDF viewer.
Syntax-Highlighting Editor
Texpad’s editor is LaTeX and BibTeX aware and highlights your code to make it easy to write it. Bundled with Texpad are a number of themes that allow you to change the look of the editor. In addition to syntax highlighting, you can block comment/un-comment, block indent/un-indent and spell-check as you type.
Snippets – LaTeX code blocks
Snippets are little pieces of LaTeX code designed to aid fast editing of documents. In a typical Texpad style of course, they interact smoothly with the editor via hotkeys and are aware of any text that’s currently selected. An example would be selecting a piece of text and pressing Ctrl-Shift-B to put the bold markers around it. Snippets are totally configurable and may be added, deleted and assigned new keys as needed.
Global Search
The Global Search and Replace feature presents all instances of your search text in the source that you can readily jump to and forth between. This is particularly useful for large, multi-file projects such as theses, lecture notes and books.
One of Texpad’s design principles has been to take the pain out of interacting with your LaTeX distribution. LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, Ghostscript, XeLaTeX, LuaLaTeX, pLaTeX all work with no configuration.
Clean workspace
Texpad keeps your workspace uncluttered by hiding the intermediate files and allows setting various LaTeX and BibTeX options, all through a simple settings interface.
Custom Typesetting
.tpbuild scripts let you cater for your own special typesetting needs. Texpad ships with a few out-of-the-box (Sweave, ePub publishing, Plain TeX) and you may add your own.
Troubleshooting LaTeX errors made easy
Texpad simplifies LaTeX’s cryptic error logs by presenting a simple, navigable list of errors that you can jump to, fix, and carry on writing.
Multiple LaTeX Distributions
Managing and upgrading LaTeX distributions is often not without pain. Now with Texpad switching between multiple distributions is as easy as selecting one from the dropdown list in Preferences.
Beautiful, Native UI
We’ve designed the UI to meet high expectations of Mac users. Starting from the Welcome window itself, it’s all streamlined, distraction-free and automates common tasks accompanied by hotkeys for fast access.
Multi-lingual Interface
Thanks to the wonderful help of Texpad users, Texpad is now localised into languages other than English, with more languages being added This is just the beginning, and soon we’ll be adding more languages.
What’s New
Version 1.7.25:
Fix for an issue with typesetting RNW files, when there are capitals in the file extension
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.6 or later
For typesetting user must have a LaTeX distribution installed. MacTeX is available for free.
Texpad es a la vez un editor de LaTeX, y una interfaz para el sistema LaTeX composición tipográfica. Con el fin de utilizar las funciones de composición tipográfica el usuario debe tener una distribución de LaTeX instalado.
Es bastante sencillo cuenta con una vista para previsualizar el documento que se esta editando, así como tambien autocomplementado de texto.
Nombre: Texpad
Versión: 1.7.25
Idioma: Inglés
Incluye: Crack
Versión OS: 10.6 o superior
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