Car_Dashdroid-Premium-2 8 15 apk

Car_Dashdroid-Premium-2 8 15 apk is a car home dock replacement, this app makes the driving easy (you can press home button to return to main screen, check in settings).
Keep your eyes on the road,you will never get distracted by your mobile again, you can use voice command (Even “OK Google” hotword its supported for android 4.4+)
dial you favorites contacts with one click, with 3 sliding pages in main screen you can swipe between dialer, main dashboard and shortcuts easily. Car dashdroid has built in smart dialer, you dont have to search for a contact anymore just dial the phone number or contact name in the same app to dial. You have favorite contacts? No problem the app has built in contacts and a feature called “Dial action” so with one click you can dial any favorite contacts.

Setup up to 16 shorctus for apps or any other shortcut available. Music? no problem car dashdroid has built in music features, without exit the app you can control the music in the same app, it has a “special widget” to control other music players without exit the app (other music player will be available soon). It’s just the best Car mode you will ever use.

Start the app using your bluetooth car, and close the app when you leave the car (bluetooth off) its perfect for you Android and Auto.

– Home button return to app (configure in settings)
– Car mode
– Groups apps in folders (Like any launcher)
– Start Google navigation with one click
– “OK Google” hotword support (for android 4.4+)
– Generic music Controls for several players, (tested in spotify,Play music,pandora,poweramp, and others) Experimental feature for android 4.4+
– Current Weather
– Speedometer (km/h and mph) (using GPS may cause battery drain after long usage)
– Compass
– Themes (black, night, and day themes)
– Start Car Dashdroid on Bluetooth connection
– Stop Car Dashdroid on Bluetooth connection
– Turn off wifi when the app starts
– Turn On bluetooth when the app starts
– Display current location and temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
– Full screen mode
– Car home replacement
– Battery widget with percent
– Screen saver after inactive time
– Launch screen saver using a shortcut
– Inspired in Android Auto
– Call log for easy access to your recent calls (All and missed)
– Optional immersive mode (for android 4.4+) in full screen mode
– Auto switch theme based on day/night
– Shortcuts
– Built in smart dialer in smart dialer
– Built in contacts (shows favorite and all contacts)
– Built in voice commands (for navigate, find places, or call contact) without leaving the app
– Dial Action for calling starred contacts with one click.
– Built in Music Player with playlist,album browser, songs browser support
– Music Player widget to control media playback
– Material Design – new gorgeus gorgeous
– Lock screen rotation (lock the orientation to landscape and portrait, as well as 3th party apps if they support landscape)
– Settings control widget(modify, brightness, rotation,theme, full screen,bluetooth with one click in main screen)
– Set phone multimedia sound level defined by the user (Optional)
– Keep screen on, never turn off the screen again when you are driving
– [Optional] use speaker on phone calls
– Use stock image in built in shortcuts
– Android 5 Lollipop support
– Adfree its available in settings
– Themes

Added set as launcher on boot

PREMIUM features Unlocked | Maps works!

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Car_Dashdroid-Premium-2 8 15 apk

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Car_Dashdroid-Premium-2 8 15 apk

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