Directory Monitor Pro (Install + Portable)

Directory Monitor Pro (Install + Portable)
About this release Version: (20 June 2016)
Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Polish
Runs on: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 – Server 2003/2008/2012
Requires: .NET Framework 4.0 (automatically installed – install version only)
Install: see included readme file
Portable: registered, just unpack and run main executable
In both cases: deny internet access
New in version
Fix error when trying to manually update with update settings disabled
Directory Monitor Pro Features
Real-time notifications
– Monitor local directories or network shares including hidden/private shares.
– Options to detect all files in subdirectories and changes to file attributes.
– Balloon notifications whenever an event is detected.
– Include and exclude filter patterns per directory.
– Available as a console application (PRO).
– Able capture and process over 400 change events per second.

Accurately detect the user making changes (PRO)
– Report on the application process as well for local changes.
– Users can be detected locally or network shares in your network.
– Automatic configuration of the machine and directories to enable auditing.
– Enforce the system audit policy to remain even if malicious users try to disable it.
Ultimate reliability with snapshots (PRO)
– Fast snapshots of directory and file statistics.
– Ensure you never miss any changes as well as user and process detection.
Windows background service monitoring (PRO)
– No need to be logged into the machine to continue monitoring changes.
– Simple configuration and installation through the user interface.
– Extremely low memory and CPU footprint when running in the background.
Keep your monitoring logs automatically
– Output contextual information based based on the event using macros.
– Customize the output format (CSV for example) with only data you require.
– Manage log file with built-in renaming to split the log into daily of monthly copies.
– All monitoring configurations can log to the same file.
Execute scripts/applications when events occur
– Pass in contextual parameters to your scripts based on the event information using macros.
– Execute scripts or applications silently in the background (PRO).
– Sequential execution option if scripts or applications cannot have more than one instance running.
– Trigger based on number of events, delays or inactivity for batch processing.
Send emails about the file system changes
– Flexible configuration options to cater for all email servers.
– Provide contextual information based on the event using macros.
– Sending rules based on number of events, no events after a period of time, delays or inactivity for batch processing.
– Throttling to prevent spamming when significant changes occur in a short period of time.
Save events to a relational database
– Support for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
– Automatically create the required database schema.
Play a sound to get your attention
– A sound will play once per file system event.
– Sounds can play continuously in a loop until you take action and view the user interface.
– Only WAV files are supported.
Send file system event messages to a Syslog server
– Default Syslog configuration options.
– Support for both RFC3164 and RFC5424 Syslog header formats.
– Define your own message format for each directory using macros.
– Select any facility and priority level for your messages.
Advanced notifications with Growl
– Growl is a powerful cross-platform messaging system.
– Custom notification alert windows, less invasive and more customizable than system tray balloons.
– See notifications even when application is running in the background as a service.
– Keeps a history of notifications that have passed.
– Basic configuration for local notifications or sending to a remote target such as a mobile device.


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Directory Monitor Pro (Install + Portable).zip

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