Lumi Deluxe Live Wallpaper v1.3.0 APK (Android)

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Lumi Deluxe Live Wallpaper v1.3.0 APK (Android)
Lumi is a full 3D live wallpaper with brilliant 3D tiles that sparkle up and move in waves as you interact with them.
The app comes with many vibrant or classy color themes and many different geometric shapes and patterns (gems, honeycomb, box tiles, etc.), and new themes are being added constantly by our team. You can set the color themes to shuffle every 30 minutes, or triple-tap to switch between them. You can also set them to move to the music being played on your phone, or move as you shake your phone or tablet.
In addition to all the features in the free version, this Pro version has many extra features:
★ Theme selection: Choose from many theme designs. We are constantly adding other themes to the list as free updates.
★ Shake to move: Configure the tiles to move when you shake your phone
★ Random move: Give the tiles more life by adding random movements
★ Music move: Configure the tiles to move to the current music played on your phone
★ Customize movement strength and speed
★ Customize ripple and light flow speed
★ Customize camera speed when you switch between home screens
Home -> Press Menu -> Select Wallpapers -> Select Live Wallpapers -> Select “Lumi (Pro)” from the list
What’s in this version : (Updated : 9 July 2016)
Added light dots and other enhancements.
Required Android O/S : 4.2 and up

Download Lumi Deluxe Live Wallpaper v1.3.0 APK (Android)


Lumi Deluxe Live Wallpaper v1.3.0 APK (Android).apk

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