Unity Asset – AQUAS Water Set v1.2.2

Unity Asset – AQUAS Water Set v1.2.2
Requires Unity 5.2.1 or higher.
AQUAS Water contains a set of 9 flat water shaders for all types of platforms, environments and games. It is highly customizable and feature rich to suit all needs and produce high quality results.
Quick Setup
AQUAS has been created to be as user friendly and quick to set up as possible and highly customizable at the same time.
Not only does it come with a Quick-Setup window that can add AQUAS to your scene with a few clicks, it is also fully integrated into Gaia, which allows you to equip your Gaia terrain with full featured water within seconds!
The usual workflow with AQUAS is to first create your scene, add AQUAS in the second step and then adjust water and underwater effects to fit your exact needs.
AQUAS contains 4 mobile shaders for different performance levels and 5 high-quality shaders for web and desktop applications.
– Multi-Light-Support
– Distorted Realtime Reflections
– Realtime Refraction
– Depth Based Color Absorption
– Self-Sustaining Fog System, that works with any custom lighting
– Dual-layered caustic effects
Underwater Effects:
– Limited & Distorted vision
– Bloom, Blur & Godrays
– 3D Morphing Bubbles
– Realistic Bubble Spawner
– Advanced Wet Lens Effect
Ease of Use:
– Works out of the box (Demo Scene included)
– Highly customizable
– Quick Setup
AQUAS works with Unity Free & Pro
Android and IOS are currently supported, Windows Phone is not.
For performance evaluation on mobile devices please download the demo APK from the forum thread and read the FAQ.
For more details visit official Asset Link:

Download Unity Asset – AQUAS Water Set v1.2.2


Unity Asset – AQUAS Water Set v1.2.2.zip

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  1. Raja Karmakar

    please upload unity water pro direct download..

    1. Admin

      Hey Raja,
      Request noted, we’ll try.

  2. John

    Could you please upload MEGA Monsters Pack?

    1. Admin

      Request noted, thanks we’ll try to fill this request.


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