Music Collector Pro 16.3.8 + Patch


This program is dedicated to users who keep on your hard drive a large collection of music. With this program, to be able to catalog it, which will lead to a complete order on the disc and you’ll always know what you have albums, tracks, and so on, download the Music Collector¬† can be in the full news. Previously, I collected myself to music, I remember how I tried to download as much as possible, trying to keep track of what’s new, borrowed from acquaintances hard drives and copying music itself, in general, there was a time. Now, with the development of social networks, I can have a couple of tracks on the computer no longer keep, I do not see a point in it really, can I just getting old or changed values, but before many others would find this program very much, I’m just I did not know of its existence.

Working with Music Collector is quite simple, even the most unaware of English, well judged course I can not, but I figured out fairly quickly, although I can not say that I am a polyglot. After the launch of the product, for example, you can insert into your music CD drive, continue to develop automatically connect to a known base CDDB data and the code will find artist on the disc, on your disk will be added to the database, you can additionally download the cover. Makes this simple operation, you end up with full details of your disc, which certainly should please its owner. If you want to work with the hard drive, then you simply have to specify the folder to scan, there are also all the tracks and after the information will be added to the database can be found.

Music Collector course will allow you to work and then to your collection, you can search for music, you can view the cover and perform other operations. When talking about the music files on your hard drive, then it is possible to work with different audio formats, such as MP3 or FLAC, OGG and other others. This professional version of the product you can share your database with your friends, do not think it is useful, but still. On the official website you can read all about the details, there can also meet as I understand it in the picture of the program creator, he has a pretty large collection of music. In general, about Music Collector write me nothing more, a good program, it is a pity there is no Russian support, and work with it would be even nicer. If you have had experience of treatment with this app, do not forget to share them with our other users, I think it will be helpful to all a good day!

Download Music Collector Pro 16.3.8 + Patch


Music Collector Pro 16.3.8 +

Music Collector Pro 16.3.8 +



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