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Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online + Crack NEW 2016-2017 About US
Our mission is to make people around the world safe. We believe that everyone deserves the right to security and privacy both online and offline. Using our global advanced security analytics, we protect 230 million users securing their online devices in their homes, while mobile and in business.
Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online new Enterprise building
Our new Silicon Valley-inspired office is a dream. Complete with a gym, recording room, hammocks for relaxing in, and a cafeteria manned by celebrity chefs – it’s tough not to feel lucky as you eat breakfast (and lunch) surrounded by a stunning 360 view of Prague.
Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online roots go back to 1988, when Czech researchers Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš encountered the Vienna Virus and began their quest to save the world’s computers from it and others like it. Today, Avast has over 500 professionals headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional offices in the USA, Germany, China, South Korea and Taiwan.
IN 2003
Opening an online store
The growing free Avast user base generates a need to offer other paid-for solutions effectively online. Thus, ALWIL turns to Digital River’s online sales distribution share-it! New product launches: Avast Bootable Antivirus & Recovery Tool (BART) CD and the (free) Avast 4 Home Edition (under Ondrej Vlček’s R&D supervision).
IN 2004
One million users
Only 30 months after its first user registration, the free version of Avast reaches one million users. Until this time, it remains uncertain as to whether giving for free what others sell will work, but reaching one million users confirms a successful increase in visibility for the company. ALWIL implements an international reseller channel for its paid-for security solutions. New product launches: Avast Linux version, Avast 4.5 Home/Professional edition, Avast Distributed Network Manager (ADNM), and Avast BART CD 2.0.
IN 2005
SanDisk alliance
As a great way for Avast to reach new users at a time when the internet does not have such high penetration, ALWIL begins cooperation with SanDisk. Thanks to this partnership, Avast needs language localization for all SanDisk markets. Thus, ALWIL hires the first people for in-house localization and support – this is the first step toward Avast becoming an international success in terms of supported languages. New product launches: Avast U3 Edition (for SanDisk) and Avast 4.6.
IN 2006
User base doubles – twice
The Avast user base doubles twice, first to 10 million and then to 20 million by year’s end, in large part due to the availability of more language versions and a number of industry awards for quality. Avast sweeps the SC Awards categories with Best Antivirus, as well as Anti-Malware (European) and Readers’ Choice (USA). New product launch: Avast Linux Home Edition.
IN 2007
One million users per employee
The company reaches 40 million registered Avast users with only 38 employees, for a ratio of one million users per employee, which the company will maintain over the coming years. ALWIL Software transforms into a joint stock company. New product launches: Avast Mac Edition and Avast Windows Home Server Edition.
IN 2008
International sales & support focus
ALWIL puts major focus on acquiring a multinational sales and support team and localizing Avast antivirus and avast.com into more languages. The company reaches 50 million registered users and 60 employees. New product launch: Avast 4.8.
IN 2009
Expanding HQ
To strengthen the team, ALWIL hires Vincent Steckler (formerly of Symantec) as CEO. The Avast registered-user base jumps from 68 million to over 100 million, and the company reaches 100 employees. New product launch: the 5.0 series of Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, and Avast Internet Security.
IN 2010
Entry of Summit Partners
Summit Partners invests $100 million for a minority share of the company, confirming the unique position of Avast in the global marketplace. Says Han Sikkens, a Principal in Summit Partners, “it is rare to find a company such as Avast that redefines how an industry does business. We are very excited about the growth prospects of this exceptional company.” ALWIL Software changes its name to AVAST Software, to more closely align the company with the brand, and Avast reaches 130 million registered users. New product launches: Avast 5.0 series, with a new antivirus engine and an optional Silent Firewall and virtualization Sandbox.
IN 2011
Over 165 million registrations
By midyear, Avast has more than 135 million active users and over 165 million user registrations – all with just over 150 employees. New product launches: Avast Business Protection line (with a simplified central administration console); Avast 6.0 series, with new innovations that include: WebRep™ (a website reputation tool), SafeZone (a clean-desktop option for added safety with sensitive online transactions), and AutoSandbox™ (the first automatic virtualization feature offered within a free antivirus).
IN 2012
Great new milestones
Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online finishes the year actively protecting over 170 million PCs, Macs, and Android devices, with just over 200 employees. Avast Free Mobile Security reaches best-rated security app in Google Play, and Avast Free Antivirus achieves the top-downloaded software spot on Download.com. New product launches: Avast Free Mac Security; Avast 7.0 series, with new innovations that include Remote Assistance (for giving/getting help to/from a friend with Avast), the Avast Account portal (for overseeing all Avast protected devices), and cloud-based FileRep (a file reputation detection) and streaming, real-time virus database updates.
IN 2013
25 years of making things better
On its 25th anniversary, Avast antivirus claims an industry record by protecting over 200 million PCs, Macs, and Android devices worldwide – and is ranked the most-downloaded product on several major global software portals. As well, Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online Software (the company) acquires the German company secure.me and USA-based startup Jumpshot, gets awarded the Czech Republic’s “Best Employer 2013” in the category of large companies, and finishes the year as the most-profitable IT company in its home country, with just over 350 employees. New product launches: Avast 2014 series, with our new Artificial-Intelligence-driven DynaGen technology; Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online SecureLine VPN (a virtual private network for encrypting and anonymizing web activity); and Avast GrimeFighter (for optimizing/speeding up PC functionality).
IN 2014
Mobile continues to grow
Going from strength to strength, Avast Premier Antivirus Setup Online adds 30 million new users to reach a total of more than 230 million active users worldwide. The company also welcomes a new investor, CVC Capital Partners, which values Avast at 1 billion USD; on the mobile front, Avast buys startup Inmite and adds 40 mobile developers to its mobile business. Meanwhile, Avast Mobile Security reaches 100 million downloads faster than any mobile security app in Google Play history, and AV-Comparatives ranks Avast as the most popular mobile security provider in North America, South America, and Europe, and third in Asia. New product launches: Avast 2015, with four new features (Home Network Security, Secure DNS, HTTPS Scanning, and Smart Scan), Avast SecureLine VPN for Android and iOS, Avast GrimeFighter, and Avast Ransomware Removal. Avast reaches 500 employees and opens new offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Seoul.
IN 2015
New ground. More expertise
A year of more firsts. In 2015, Avast launches a new, free Business security solution, which makes securing small and medium businesses easy. In addition, Avast acquires Remotium for protecting large business too – creating Avast Mobile Virtual Platform. The perfect way to control and secure large amounts of business data. The mobile portfolio continues to expand with the launch of WiFi Finder, an app designed to take users to the fastest, most secure networks around. Avast also acquires PC magazine Editor’s Choice award, rating ‘excellent’ for another year running. Finally, Avast’s growth means moving to a larger, Silicon Valley inspired office space with cutting edge tech, entertainment and dining facilities.
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