Mozilla Firefox 49.0a2 Developer Edition x86 + x64 Pack

Mozilla Firefox 49.0a2 Developer Edition x86 + x64 Pack dear users, I think the browser is known to many, actually in front of you the latest version at the moment. It is worth mentioning its very attractive interface, which is a little bit changed, I think everyone who uses this notice. The program has a very high popularity, quite recently I looked rating, virtually the first places he is (already leading Chrome) ,, it is understandable, of course, can only advise everyone to download Mozilla Firefox with our project.
According to the browser itself, I enjoyed the course, and for quite some time, but sat still in the third version, was her drawbacks, long time to run the program, and flew occasionally setting, and all arranged, the Mozilla of Firefox 4 is not used for a long time, therefore, to judge how it is stable I can not, some of our users write that they have all excellent, I think it depends on the system, in general, the same case.
Of course, Mozilla Firefox can complement all sorts of extensions that allow you to block any kind of advertising, you can work with RSS feeds, download any multimedia file from different websites can share links to download managers, and those who are not satisfied with the slow start of the program, there is also a special extension, you can also translate specific words or entire text.
Of course you can work with your tabs, block them and create a group to store the session, so that later when you start Mozilla Firefox open the dates of your window. The program also takes great HTML5 and of CSS3, and tabs on the account, then they can put passwords, there is also hardware acceleration. Well, if you talk briefly add something more than nothing, I hope this news will be pleasing to you.

Developer : the Mozilla
License : FreeWare
Size : 43.27 & 45.29 MB
OS : Windows

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