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Sysinternals Suite 31.08.2016 First, a little history: this product as well as its site was developed in late 1996, the goal was simple Рto combine all available software tools in one place, that is, you do not have to separately download all the design from Mark Russinovich. In July 2006, the company is known to all as Microsoft, I decided to acquire the company Sysinternals. So, if you decide to download the Sysinternals Suite with our project, you will get a large number of service programs aimed at the management and troubleshooting, as well as to perform a simple diagnosis of individual applications and Windows operating systems.
In general, all incoming utility can be divided into categories, such as tools for the network – then you will be able to use not only monitor connections, but also to analyze the safety of different resources, and view active sockets in general list can be listed for a long time, I think will understand. Then there is the category of “System Information” – is a small utility program that will help you to view and configure system resources. In particular, you can view the programs that start automatically when you start Windows, you can browse the file system activity in real time, it is possible to determine the order of driver downloads, and so on.
Sysinternals Suite offers us also the security of the program. You will be able to conduct configuration and management of your security system, you also will be available tool to find and remove a rootkit, there are hunters spyware. You can view the list of users that are logged on, you can view the event log, and so on. Then follows the category “Processes and Threads” – it will allow you to take advantage of the program is designed to define the tasks, which in turn can be performed by various processes, and the resources they consume. Sysinternals Suite of course provide you with good utilities for working with hard disks and files.
The information was taken from the official site, generally after unpacking the archive before you will be just a set of tools, a pleasant user interface with the categories you do not get, so you need to understand exactly what you need. I recommend it to go to the official site and there view all categories about which I wrote and have to decide what you’re interested in. So I hope the package of tools from Sysinternals Suite is useful to you, in fact it is quite extensive, you can find a lot.

Developer: Microsoft
License: FreeWare
Language: English
Size: 20.23 MB
OS: Windows  

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