SARDU Multiboot Creator Pro 3.1.1 Portable

SARDU Multiboot Creator Pro 3.1.1 Portable
Release Info
Release date: 02/07/2016
Language: English
OS: Windows all (x86-x64)
Registration: registered, just extract the archive and run executable sardu3

SARDU Multiboot Creator
Build a multiboot USB stick (or other removable) for PC and Mac with Utilities, Antivirus, Windows PE and Windows XP, Vista, Seven and Eight Installers and all Windows Recovery Disks easily and in a few minutes without make partitions and without any knowledge of Multiboot system.
The media builded with SARDU can be used to boot one PC or a Mac OS X Apple based system
Advanced user can also import customized menus and customized folders and / or ISOs not directly supported.
This makes the SARDU Multiboot Creator as infinitely complete and customizable and best solution for technicians or for those who have to install Windows from USB or repair a PC or a Mac, saving precious time.
The only thing that you have to do is download the ISOs (with the integrated downloader) and press the button to start the creation of the USB multiboot (or other media)
Using the QEMU integrated the user can easily test the ‘live’ multiboot support created. (pen drive or ISO image)

SARDU Multiboot Creator Pro
In addition to being remotely updated, can build one USB with more Windows Installer like Windows 10 and Windows 8.1, Seven, Vista or multiple version of the same (Home, Pro…); Windows XP and multiple Live Windows PE
In addition to the legacy boot, the SARDU PRO version can build one USB that support the UEFI standard, in this way it makes compatible the unit built with the latest generation of PC, Notebook, Tablet and Mac.
Only the SARDU MultiBoot Creator PRO version can manage ISO extra, the most famous Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Knoppix, Puppit, Sabayon,CentOS, ARch … and all their derivates which respect their standard.
Then SARDU MultiBoot Creator PRO allow for example all Linux Distributions derivated ISO Permettono ad esempio di gestire tutte quelle ISO derivate not natively supported like the i386 versions or localized versions.

Download SARDU Multiboot Creator Pro 3.1.1 Portable

SARDU Multiboot Creator Pro 3.1.1 Portable .zip

SARDU MultiBoot Creator v3.0 Pro –

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  1. Jacob

    Thanks for uploading. This is not a pro (full) version. Can you upload a pro version or crack or a serial key?

    1. Admin

      Hey Jacob,
      It’s portable app no need of any serial key.
      New link of pro version as per your request has been added, re-download it. hope it could help you.
      Good day


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