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Smart Photo Import + KeyGen¬†not the most successful program by the design, which is ready to help users help in dealing with digital photos, giving further support their rapid archiving. If we consider the main goal of the program, it is quite simple – to help the user to transfer digital images from cameras, various storage and other devices on your computer and immediately organize them into the desired folder on your computer, download Smart Photo Import is possible in the full news for this you only need to go into it, could not be easier.according to the developers, this tool is the perfect tool for any photographer, it certainly can be true, but look, I am not a photographer pushes, maybe it is not so important in fact, can it really performs very well its function, but I often judge by appearance. Photo Import can in batch mode to conduct rename photos by date and other parameters, if the pictures a lot, they will be sorted alphabetically for example, it is certainly quite convenient, especially for example for me, as the pictures huge number, but just do not see why should I it is necessary, there is a built-in search is easy to use, but there are probably people who only remember the first letter of the name, then of course the benefits are undeniable.russian support Photo Import is not, although the network has a crack, I still have not tried it, if that will add later. Especially tell the program really nothing settings is not so much, I’d say all the settings can be seen in the main window, as well as additional features, I could not find. Photo Import supports the mode pull and drag, that is, files and folders to add, you can simply moving them to the main window, it is certainly convenient, but I never came simply drag a file, can somehow not as it did, I could not understand. In general, end my little review of the program Photo Import, advantages and disadvantages, I think can be seen, at least roughly, then everything is in your hands.

Developer: Nwspro
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 6.96 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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