Black Bird Cleaner + serial

Black Bird Cleaner + serialĀ The “Cleaning” tab enables wiping various groups of caches and temporary files: Windows and IIS logs, Windows media files, thumbnail, font and icon caches, memory dumps, Windows Defender leftovers, the history and temporary files of more than 50 browsers and more.A “PC Optimization” lists some basic tweaks: optimise visual effects, speed up the internet by increasing the size of the DNS cache, optimize NTFS (disable “last access” updates and 8.3 name creation), “Normalizing the Filepage” (set the paging file to what the developer thinks is a suitable size, based on your RAM), speed up startup and shutdown (apply a few basic Registry tweaks to WaitToKillServiceTimeout, WaitToKillAppTimeout and so on) and more.Clicking the “Search for Installers” tab launches a lengthy search for program installers, eventually giving you a list of very large files you might be able to delete. Be careful, though this also includes many installers in the Windows and system folders which your computer may need. Don’t wipe anything unless you’re 100% sure it’s unnecessary.A “Search for Archives” tab finds and displays large zips and other archives which might be wasting drive space.
A “Disk Analyzer” find and displays large files of all types across your system. You can right-click to delete items you’re sure you don’t need, or open their folder in Explorer for further checks.A “Service Manager” lists your Windows Services in a slightly confusing way. The “Name” column lists the short version, so for instance “Cyberlink RichVideo64 Service (CRVS)” is displayed only as RichVideo64. and the regular name is displayed in the “Description” column (the regular description doesn’t appear at all). You can delete unwanted services from the console, but again, don’t even think of doing that unless you’re sure you understand the consequences.

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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Black Bird Cleaner +

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