PointerFocus v.2.3 + Key

PointerFocus v.2.3 + Key PointerFocus – this is a great program that will come in handy when presenting or simply explaining to the audience something on the desktop. The essence of it is that it will allow you to circle the mouse with the color you need and so everyone will see exactly what you are showing and when you click with the mouse. The program is able to display the pressed keys at the bottom of the screen, which will also attract attention and there will not be questions about which button you pressed at the moment. I advise you to download PointerFocus free of charge from the link below.After starting the program, you will see a small panel that has several buttons, each button has its own functions. The first one makes the highlight around the mouse pointer. The second button is responsible for displaying the pressed keys. The third button will mute everything around the mouse cursor leaving a small circle, so all the focus will be on the cursor and around the small area, and everything else will be hidden in the dark. The next button will allow you to pinch the cursor and draw lines on the screen, which is also very convenient when explaining the material. The last button in this category is a magnifying glass, it zooms in on the area next to the cursor.By opening the PointerFocus settings, you can change the color settings there, adjust the display of the pressed keys on the desktop and generally configure each of the tools. Here is an interesting program in front of you, I liked it, although I do not see the sense in it yet, but I think many will be useful in providing assistance or explaining the material. On the official website write that it is ideal for teachers, if there are such people among us, then let me know if you need such a development or not.I would like to add that PointerFocus 1.3 was one of the most popular versions in its time, but now 1.7 is available with a lot of changes, I hope the desire to search for the old version will disappear. If anyone is wondering whether it is possible to download PointerFocus in Russian, then unfortunately there is no official support for this, but I think it’s not difficult to translate this for our craftsmen, although the settings in the program are small, I think everything is clear. Update – did not take long to wait, the user of our project kindly provided Russifier, I added it to the news, thanks to karabidon!

Developer: Easy-to-Use Software
License: ShareWare
Language: English + Russifier
Size: 674 KB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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