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Folder Lock 7.7.1 Final + keygen I want to share with you an excellent program whose purpose is to completely protect from secrets the secret information on your computer, all you need is download Folder Lock from our project, install the development, register it and then you can use all available functions. I hope the English interface does not really scare you, in fact, it’s not so difficult to understand everything.Folder Lock is capable of a couple of mouse clicks to hide the file you need, you can select the folder, even the whole disk can actually be hidden. It is possible and simple data encryption and password setting, this is how you like it more and what you think is more reliable. The development is able to encode the file you need in such a way that any outsider sitting at your computer, will never be able to access it, and that’s actually what many need. For example, there is a child sitting at your computer, and you can store anything there, Folder Lock can easily cope with this problem, or maybe you are a child and you want to hide some files from your parents, in general, everyone will find an application.Note that the data you have hidden with this development will never be visible, whether it is a safe mode or for example through the Explorer window you want to find the file, it will also be useless to try to search through the search, and if you protect the whole disk, There is simply a mistake. Itself used Folder Lock and more than once, it works certainly fine and in fact it protects the data perfectly, but if you forget the password, it will not be fun at all, so you have to be careful with such things.I also like this moment, the developer writes that the program after encrypting files makes them unavailable for any type of virus and spyware, as it has its own environment where access is denied. Finally it is worth writing here what a moment, Folder Lock also can block access to different data on removable media, memory cards, disks and floppy disks. In order for you to access files yourself, you just need to start the program and enter the correct password, then you can work with the data inside without any problems. This is the program before you, I hope it will come in handy on the farm.

Developer: NewSoftwares Inc
License: ShareWare
Language: English
File size: 10.34 MB
OS: Windows

How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

Download Folder Lock 7.7.1 Final + keygen

Folder Lock 7.7.1 Final +

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