Resolume Avenue 4.6.4 + keygen

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Resolume Avenue 4.6.4 + keygen These new versions fix a few crashes and iron out some wrinkles. Nobody likes a wrinkled Resolume Avenue serial key while they’re VJ-ing, Resolume Arena 5.1.4 & Avenue 4.6.4 [FIXED] Crash when triggering clip before deck is loadedResolume Avenue 4.6.4 + keygen

[FIXED] Crash when contextual menu is open and active layer is switched
[FIXED] Crash when switching decks during transition
[FIXED] Desktop is shown for a moment when using cancel to exit the advanced screen setup
[FIXED] Invert toggle on AutoMask effect broken
[FIXED] Transition Mixer dropdown doesn’t update when creating a newResolume Avenue 4.6.4 + keygen composition
[FIXED] MulitTask mixer no worky on 5.1.3 OSX10.10
[FIXED] Right clicking parameters in the advanced output changes their range to -1.0…1.0
[FIXED] Request for RGBAW color space in DMX fixtures
[FIXED] Right clicking a slice parameter resets it’s value but does not apply it to the slice
[FIXED] Crash: Rotate a polygon slice in output map like a mad man
[FIXED] Distorted image when using odd sized image as a mask
[FIXED] Multiple point selection dragger gets perspective after dragging a

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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Resolume Avenue 4.6.4 +

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