3D Coat 4.8.36 + patch

3D Coat 4.8.36 + patch is a functional program that was created to assist in the art of drawing, three-de modeling and sculpt / create volumetric forms.At your disposal will be all the necessary tools to prepare and create a fully textured model of the 3D type.3D Coat The editor is perfect for voxel sculpturing, which means that a professional can, without obstacles, create details of any level of complexity from almost nothing, as they say, from the air.3D Coat crack Dynamically changing your project, while not worrying about the topology, takes the product forward, leaving many competitors behind.3D Coat 4.8.36 + patchThe method of pixel-by-pixel drawing will allow you to paint the object as accurately as possible.3D Coat keygen Of the benefits worth noting is the tool responsible for rendering with anti-aliasing, if you need to adjust the lighting, then you have everything you need and even more, you can adjust the softness of the shadow, depth and softness. If necessary, when working with an object, you can use any image or gradient fill as a background.3D Coat serial key Of course it is worth noting, I already wrote above, the program for professionals in their field, I do not think that a newcomer to this business or just curious, will be able to deal with all the subtleties.3D Coat 4.8.36 If you want, you can find video tutorials on the Internet, there are examples of cartoons / films where this software was used, the most expensive license costs almost $ 600.

– Voxel technology, which allows you to start creating models without thinking about the topology;
– The program has very good integration with Adobe Photoshop, it helps a lot in the texturing process;
– The program allows you to split textures into layers, which facilitates the imposition of effects;
– Support for management with 3D manipulator 3DConnexion;
– Layers contain depth, color and mirror image. You can disable or enable any of these channels and apply effects to them – extrusion, transparency, contrast, depth multiplication, etc .;
– It is possible to draw via UV as easily as on 3D models. Almost all tools can do this;
– Each feather has many channels – color, depth, mirror and grater;
– It is possible to fill the area with a gradient and spherical fill;
– Filters for image correction and preview the result in 3D;
– Perhaps the imposition of text on the surface. 3D Coat 4.8.36 + patchThe text is located along the spline, you can even write text around the entire object.
– You can draw not only with a brush, but with the help of a contour, a rectangle or an ellipse;
– And many other features.

Integration with third-party programs
3D-Coat works very well with other software. Both 3D and composite. There are applinks for Nuke, Fusion, as well as about a dozen other programs, such as Maya, 3Ds Max, Softimage, Houdini, Cinema4d, LW, Modo, etc.
Import / Export Formats
3D-Coat supports a wide range of file formats for importing and exporting data.

Geometry formats:
obj, lwo, fbx, stl, ply, dae, wrl.
Graphic formats:
tga, bmp, png, jpg, dds, tif, tiff, exr, ptex, svg, eps. spline

License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 789 + 784 MB
OS: Windows 7 and higher – x64

How to Install:

1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). Thats all, Done & enjoy.

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