DiskSavvy 12.9.18 incl Activator [Ultimate+Enterprise+Pro]

DiskSavvy incl Activator is a program that can’t be considered as secret anymore that any capacious hard drive will be clogged with information anyway, which means that you will somehow encounter the problem of running out of disk space. Often users solve problems by looking at the contents of the disk and removing various junk from there, it is often not so easy to figure out where all the garbage is and what needs to be removed first, but to solve this problem you need to download DiskSavvy from our site. After starting, the program will perform a full scan of the hard disk partition or a specific folder of your choice. After you will be presented with a report on the size of folders within the section, files, and so on. It is this factor that plays on the fact that you can quickly find out exactly which files weigh the most on your hard drive and what you can get rid of.
If we consider the external fork of DiskSavvy, then it is actually quite simple, you can access all the main functions of the program just by clicking the mouse, that is, they are all in close proximity. Actually, such programs should be easy to use, because sometimes they come across such that the devil’s leg breaks until you understand what exactly they want from you. Turning to functionality, then everything is also simple, the main goal of the program is to show files and folders and their sizes in the section you specified. After DiskSavvy will produce a full report, everything will be displayed in detail in it, I think there will be no problems with it.
The utility also has some features, for example, you specify a directory, but do not want specific folders to be scanned in it, then you just need to specify them in the exceptions and the program will just bypass it, which is convenient, of course. You can also create profiles and already specify all the necessary parameters in them, so DiskSavvy allows you to save settings for each specific computer user and then quickly switch between them. Do not forget that in the profile you can specify the scanning speed of the disk, the higher it is, the worse the analysis will be made, you can leave the average value, I think it will suit everyone.
Please note that this is a free version of the program, it has some limitations, you cannot scan more than 100,000 files at a time, and the proposed report cannot be saved, but these are trifles since you can always take a screenshot and save it as a picture, that is this problem can be easily dealt with. In general, everything about DiskSavvy, I hope the program comes in handy, do not forget to comment.

Developer: Flexense – Data Management Software
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 23 MB
OS: Windows
How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That is all, Done & enjoy. DiskSavvy with Activator full version download
Note: use WinRAR crack to decompress the software if needed.

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DiskSavvy 12.5.18 + x64 incl Activator .zip

Last Updated: 22-June-2020

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