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PhotoEQ incl keygen A good program has been updated that will allow you to improve the original image. After launching the applications and downloading the photo, you can use the color correction tool, a good set of tools for editing pictures and you will also have the opportunity to manage their color, in the full news you can download PhotoEQ. Please note that you can edit one image file, or you can use the so-called list of tasks, that is, there is a batch mode with which you can save time, you can immediately process the required number of pictures or simply specify the folder with them.
PhotoEQ can automatically perform color correction, while white balance problems will be corrected, the same can be attributed to contrast and exposure, you do not have to make any efforts to correct this, this is an automated process. PhotoEQ has full support for standard color management, while it is based on ICC profiles, there are also some pretty good built-in profiles. The ability to automatically perform color correction became possible due to the product’s own algorithm.
I really want to note the simple user interface of PhotoEQ, after launching you will see a small window, you can see it in the first screenshot, after adding a picture by dragging it to the main window of the program, you will see what can be observed in the second screenshot, just below there will be a tool , by switching over them, you can perform the operations you need with the image, while on the left you will have the original picture, and on the right you can observe what you get. PhotoEQ does not have Russian support, but without it it is actually very easy to understand all the offered functions, so it seems to me that you will not have any problems.
The program offers all the necessary tools for editing images, there are different filters, you can control color, you can process based on layers, plus you get great support for working with different image formats. In general, here is such a program in front of you, I hope it will come in handy, do not forget to express ourselves through the comments, thank you all for your attention.
Developer: SoftColor Oy
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 25 18 20 MB
OS: Windows

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