Uninstall Tool 3.6.0 Build 5684 incl patch

Uninstall Tool 3.6.0 Build 5684 incl patch
I think many people love this program, it is for this reason that I propose to get to know it better. So, this utility is a worthy replacement for the standard Windows applet for removing installed applications on your computer. The program is completely safe, and also reliably and conveniently allows you to remove any utility from your computer, does it as completely as possible, leaves no traces in the registry and hidden system files, you can download the Uninstall Tool below.
Among the many advantages of the program, one can note the ability to show users hidden applications in the system, it is also possible to sort programs by different filters, for example, by name, recently installed, size, and so on, I think it’s not worth explaining. The software can easily remove a program that at one time was incorrectly erased, that is, some kind of error occurred and the shortcut remained hanging in the list, the files remained on the computer. If you want to save a list of programs on your system, you can do this for example in HTML format.
According to the authors of the Uninstall Tool, activation can allow you to apply a key that can unlock all the functions of this program, so the license can provide you with the necessary functions for monitoring the registry for free. As the authors write, this tool uninstalls applications three times faster than the standard Windows tool. You can also get three categories, for example, you can view system utilities on your computer or hidden ones. If regular means fail to remove the software, then this software can help solve the problems. I think you noticed from the screenshot that the interface has a search bar, enter the name of the program you are interested in and the search starts right there, you can especially like it if the list is too large.
Uninstall the program can allow you to immediately go to the folder where it is installed when you hover over the development, you can find out the full version, visit the developer’s website. If we consider the interface, then I probably like it more than in any other alternative developments, everything is very simple and clear, functional and friendly, there is Russian support, there are essentially no settings, after installation you can immediately use it. It seems that I have already told everything about the program, I hope it can serve you well and you can be able to completely remove obsolete utilities from your computer, good use!
Full scan for all installed software
Quick removal, leaves no traces in the registry and does not affect unnecessary files
The program in Russian can allow you to quickly navigate and get to work
You can get information about each software from the list
There is support for creating a copy of the registry before cleaning it
Working with Windows of different bit sizes
License : ShareWare
Language : English
How to Install:
1). Instructions are included in ReadMe.txt if needed.
2). That is all, Done & enjoy. Uninstall Tool 3.6.0 Build 5684 incl patch
Note: use WinRAR crack to decompress the software if needed.

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Last Updated: 02-05-2022

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