Adobe Muse CC 2014 8.0 Multilanguage (64-Bit) + Patch

Adobe Muse is a full-featured website design application that enables developers to create simple to complex layouts without requiring advanced HTML knowledge. Providing the compelling and user-friendly environment that Adobe accustomed its users with, it bundles an extended feature set ready to assist you in generating and publishing professional-looking webpages.

Adobe Muse offers support for the latest technologies and standards, allowing the creation of cross-browser websites for PCs, tablets and phones. Unlike other similar utilities, it does not feature code editing, which makes it perfect for inexperienced users who like focusing on the design rather than the coding process.


NEW!Rebuilt with 64-bit support

Take full advantage of the latest web browser and operating system updates such as Mavericks OS X, plus new hardware like high-resolution Retina displays.

NEW!In-browser Editing updates

Say goodbye to spending time updating your websites. You can allow site owners to make minor updates to their live site in a web browser, whether hosted by Adobe or another provider. Then you choose to sync the updates with your original Adobe Muse files.

NEW!Creative Cloud Add-ons

Jumpstart your projects by downloading Adobe Muse starter files, new widgets, and other design elements such as navigation menus and buttons. Download, then click to automatically save in your Library panel to use in your designs.

NEW!HiDPI display support

Ensure your sites will look sharp on high-resolution displays by enabling HiDPI support. You can choose to control specific elements you want optimized for HiDPI, such as a single image or company logo.


Choose the brightness of your workspace, similar to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You can select from four shades of grey, from light to dark. Choose the darker grey colors and the Adobe Muse canvas remains white so you can focus your eye on your design, instead of the interface.

NEW!Customizable work area

Organize your workspace the way you want. You can now un-dock and re-organize panels. Create layouts side-by-side by working in multiple Design view windows — useful for designing desktop and mobile versions of your site at the same time.

NEW!HiDPI UI Support

Your interface elements, including menus, panels, and icons, plus placed content such as images and text, will appear sharper when viewed on a HiDPI display. New HiDPI display detection takes advantage of the latest technologies like Retina displays.

NEW!Usability updates

Adobe Muse now looks and functions more like other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Keyboard commands, Open/Save recall, the color picker, placed image behavior and more are part of the newly native, re-built application.

NEW!100% width slideshow

You can now control the height of a full-width slideshow. Images display fully to the right and left edges of the browser window, and can now be set at a fixed height, whether you’re viewing on a desktop or mobile device.

NEW!In-app Preview
Preview desktop, smartphone, and tablet versions of your sites before going live with in-app preview that reflects the latest browser improvements by using native browser technology from your OS.

Adobe Muse Add-ons

Get started quickly by downloading free starter files and wireframes along with new widgets and design elements — directly from your Library panel.
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Library panel

Collect design elements like icons, stylized buttons, widgets and typographic elements using the new Library panel to reuse in other projects, and to share with other designers.
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Social Media widgets
Easily add social media buttons using a dozen new drag-and-drop Social widgets including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest buttons, plus Google maps, and Vimeo and YouTube videos.
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Enhanced: Scroll Effects

Choose from even more scroll effects options from the updated Scroll Effects panel, including the ability to apply opacity and fading to scroll elements; and add scroll effects to Adobe Edge animations and slideshows.
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Full-screen Slideshow

Set a full-screen slideshow that adjusts to the width of the screen whether viewing on a desktop or mobile device.
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And so much more
Also includes: A 100% Width Toggle button for turning on and off elastic 100% browser width behavior; the ability to cut, copy, paste, or replace background image fills from the right+click context menu; a Replace Image menu option in Design view; and more.

What’s New:
In-Browser Editing On Your Host

-Sites uploaded using the built-in “Upload to FTP Host” feature now offer In-Browser editing features similar to those available when publishing to Adobe Business Catalyst.

Native, 64-bit application. The foundation of Adobe Muse CC has been rebuilt as a native, 64-bit application. A portion of the Adobe AIR technology is now embedded within Muse. Separate installation of Adobe AIR is no longer required.

New Minimum System Requirements. Windows 7, or later. 64-bit version required. Mac OSX 10.7, or later. Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Internet Explorer 11 is highly recommended.

In-App Muse Preview. In-App Muse Preview now uses the browser technology from the OS (the version of Safari or IE you have installed).

Internal FTP Client. The internal FTP client has been replaced, and the code for encrypting and storing FTP credentials has been rewritten.

Subscription Login/Activation Code. Subscription Login/Activation Code is entirely new and now matches that of other Adobe products.

Installer. Installer is all new and now integrates more seamlessly with the 
Creative Cloud installer. Note: installation will be slower because the native app is much larger than prior versions of Muse.

Lock Files. To help prevent file corruption of files stored in shared locations Muse now generates temporary .MULK files for .MUSE files while they’re being edited.

User Interface
Panels. Panel and window behaviors now match InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, including tear-off panels and multiple windows. You can also reset all panels to the app default state from the Window > Reset Panels menu.

Toolbox. The tools are now located in a Toolbox panel and by default docked on the left.

100% Width Toggle. The Control Strip now contains a specific control to turn on/off elastic 100% browser width behavior for objects that support it. This achieves the same result as dragging object edges to the left and right edges of the browser area in Design view, but more efficiently.

Text Panel Enhancements. The text panel now includes the ability to add tags (h1, p tag, etc.) Tags also continue to be available in Style Options.
Workspaces. Plan, Design, Preview, Publish and Manage controls are now located on the far right of the App Bar.

Default Page and Browser Attributes. When creating a new Muse site, pages by default have no fill or stroke and the Browser Fill color is set to white. All attributes can be overridden.

Retina Display UI. The Muse application UI has been fully optimized for Retina displays.

Window/Menu “Flashing”. The main menu bar on Windows no longer flashes. Palette window(s) no longer flash and/or temporarily fall behind the main window/other windows.

Keyboard Shortcuts. Localized keyboard shortcuts are now included.
Remember Last Folder. The File Open/Save dialogs on both platforms remember the last used folder.

Hiding. Hiding the app on the Mac no longer fails to hide the Design view.
Hello. We’re conducting a test of a new Welcome Screen experience called 

“Hello” that some USA English customers will see.

Streamlined FTP. The interface for uploading your site to a FTP host is redesigned to be easier to use.

Background Image Fills. Containers with background image fills now support the ability to cut, copy, paste or replace from the right+click context menu.

Replace Image. Images can now be replaced (aka relinked) via a choice in the right+click context menu for the image in Design view, in addition to the context menu for the entry in the Assets panel.


100% Width Slideshows. In addition to supporting full-screen slideshows (in Muse 7) we now support fixed height/full width slideshows.

Slideshow “Resume” Enhancement. Autoplay slideshows stop after being interacted with. Now they can be set to resume after N seconds.

Form Widget Name Field. Name fields are now optional in forms. (E-mail address is still required.)

Form Widget Bug Fixed. Addressed bug where e-mails sent by forms would appear as code when sent from some hosting providers.

Accordion Widget Bug Fixed. Fixed bug where an accordion widget set to overlap content below would prevent mouse events (rollover or clicks) from reaching items placed in the area that will be overlapped.

HiDPI Button Widget. New widget allows website visitors to switch between normal and HiDPI versions of the images being delivered to their browser.

MuCOW Additions. Ability to add a horizontal separator line in widget UI, extra info text in the UI, and a warning that can be displayed when a default value isn’t changed.

Code Generation
Hi-resolution site creation. Websites generated in Muse now support the option to optimize output for both standard and high-resolution/Retina displays.

Browser Compatibility. Muse output is no longer fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or earlier — some elements will not render consistently in these earlier browsers.

Site Consistency Checking. Added in-browser checks that confirm most the files for a given page are present on the server and are of the correct version. (One of the most common causes of support cases is customers using an external FTP client and failing to upload all the necessary files to the correct locations.)

CSS-Generated 100% width. 100% width is now accomplished using CSS rather than JavaScript. This makes for a smoother user experience on page load and when resizing the browser window. However, this change is incompatible with IE7.

Design Mode
100% Width Edge Animations. Edge Animations can now be set to 100% width if they’ve been exported from Edge Animate as resizable animations.
Corner Radius Limit Increased. The limit was increased to 25,000 from the previous limit of 100.

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