SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449 (x64)

SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449 turn models into documents
SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449 at some point in most 3D projects, you’ll need to turn your model into a drawing set that gets the point across. LayOut in SketchUp Pro lets you add model views to pages, choose drawing scales, adjust line weights, and add dimensions, callouts, and graphics. Make a change to your SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449 model, and find it reflected automatically in LayOut. And when it’s time, export pages as PDFs, images and CAD files.
Find a 3D model of anything
Why model everything from scratch? Whether it’s a chair for the room you’re designing or a rhino for your zoo, you’ll find anything you need in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models. And anyone can use 3D Warehouse to store and share models. Upload your best work and become a SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449 legend.
Customize Your SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.1449
Extensions are add-on tools built to solve the kind of modeling problems that might otherwise leave you scratching your head. And there are hundreds for you to explore.

SketchUp Hardware and software requirements
Like many computer programs, SketchUp Pro require certain hardware and software specifications in order to install and run.
These are basic requirements, though, so you may want to use our recommended suggestions to improve performance.
The following list of requirements and recommendations apply to SketchUp Pro 2016, SketchUp Make and all previous versions of SketchUp:
Windows 10, Windows 8+ and Windows 7+
– Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.
– SketchUp Pro requires .NET Framework version 4.0. For more information about the .NET framework, click here.
– SketchUp for Windows can run on either 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, note that you must download and install the appropriate version for your operating system.
Recommended hardware
– 2+ GHz processor.
– 8+ GB RAM.
– 500 MB of available hard-disk space.
– 3D class Video Card with 1 GB of memory or higher. Please ensure that the video card driver supports OpenGL version 2.0 or higher and up to date.
– SketchUp’s performance relies heavily the graphics card driver and its ability to support OpenGL 2.0 or higher. Historically, people have seen problems with Intel-based cards with SketchUp. We don’t recommend using these graphics cards with SketchUp at this time.
– 3 button, scroll-wheel mouse.
– Some SketchUp features require an active internet connection.

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